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Why the Tamron 24-70 is better than the Nikon

Before I start, if you’re looking for test shots of charts and the like, then this isn’t the review for you.  This is my real world, working experience.


I upgraded to the Nikon 24-70mm 2.8 from the Tamron 17-50mm VC, after deciding to go full frame with my cameras.  I wanted to go to the Tamron, but I came across a refurbished Nikon 24-70 at the Nikon repair center in Mississauga, Ontario when I was bringing in one of my cameras for cleaning.  The cost was, I thought, unbeatable, and I decided to go ahead and purchase it at the time.


A lot of Nikon shooters used to  prefer Nikon/Nikkor lenses vs the ‘third party’ versions such as Sigma and Tamron.  Even to a lesser extent today, if you review the message boards of photography sites, they will have people insisting that you purchase the Nikon branded lenses. This did sway my decision a bit.


I should have gone with my gut and just waited and purchased the Tamron 24-70.  


Don’t get me wrong, the Nikon focused quicker than almost any lenses I had up to that point and it really was my workhorse for a while.  Paired with my D700, or even the D7100 I was shooting with as a backup, was great.


My main reason for going to the Tamron was the VC.  At the time, Nikon had not yet released the VR version.  I thought, to be honest, that I was giving up quality, to go with the lens with VC.  I shake when I shoot sometimes, and felt, even though I didn’t need it in all situations, especially with the wider angles, I wanted it to help out when I was shooting in darker rooms and just didn’t want to worry about it.  The reviews were all glowing about this lens, but a part of me just couldn’t comprehend that it would be better.


I finally went for it and my expectations were exceeded so far that I just couldn’t wrap my head around what I was seeing.  I purchased the Nikon D750 at the time, and thought at first that was the only reason, but then I shot it on my D700 and realized that it was indeed the lens.


Even if you are not a pro on a budget, then this lens is not a compromise.  It’s amazingly sharp, focus is very quick, with great colours, and actually let in more light than my Nikon.  I constantly had to dial in ⅓-½ stop darker exposure compensation when shooting in aperture priority, or ⅓-½ faster shutter in manual vs the Nikon.  The CA was also consistently less than my Nikon, although the Nikon was never a problem to me.


I’ve spoken about all the pros, now the cons.


The Tamron is definitely not on the same quality level for the build.  It is a tank, to me, but the all metal body of the Nikon made it feel like the Nikon would stand up to a lot more abuse.  There are those out there though that will argue that a plastic or composite body will actually stand up to being dropped better than the metal body.  Personally, I don’t want to find out.  I have dropped an older 50mm 1.4D all metal body and it was done afterwards.


The focus ring on the Tamron isn’t great for manual focus, but I find the majority of new AF lenses to be the same.  The older film lenses just feel better when trying to manually focus, but I’ve never been a huge manual focus shooter.  (What I’m shooting now is even better. Spoilers!)  


This isn’t necessarily a con, but the zoom ring was stiff.  Some people may not like it.  It was just right for me personally, but I thought I’d mention it because it definitely had a different feel from the Nikon 24-70 I had, and ones I’ve tried in the past.


Overall I would, as the title points out, suggest people to purchase the Tamron over the Nikon in most situations.  It’s less expensive, and optically better, so I don’t see why you would purchase the Nikon.  I haven’t shot the Canon 24-70 for a number of years, and that was only using someone else's for a few shots, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the result was the same for the Canon version.


I purchased my Tamron from Henry’s in Mississauga, my favourite gear store.  Tamron is distributed and warrantied by Amplis, in Canada.


The photo is from the Tamron USA website.


Presentation at BNI Unique


So I am presenting at my BNI Chapter this week, BNI Unique.  The video above is something I created a little while ago, but just revamped to show some different photos that I've taken.


Photos you should never use in business:

If it’s cheesy, awkward, immature or an unprofessional let me take a selfie photo, it may make it on Instagram, and maybe even a personal Facebook page, but not on Facebook for business, LinkedIn or your business website.

A good client for me this week, is someone that is making one of these mistakes.  A mirror selfie, a blurry picture that you have to squint to even try to make out, a cropped out friend from a party shot or the default silhouette picture.

Business headshots are essential for all business.  A corporate or business headshot can help boost your career, and increase relationships with customers/clients.

It’s a great way to create the first impression you want.  

Linkedin says people are seven times more likely to click on your profile, if you have a decent photo of yourself.

Call now for a free in person consultation so we can take your business to the next level.


11 Photographers You Should Absolutely Be Following On Twitter

11 Photographers You Should Absolutely Be Following On Twitter.


This is an article from Photofocus.  Check out who he mentions, I agree there are some great names in this article.

Best Websites for Free Photography Lessons

Reblogged from 1001 Scribbles:

Today’s post is different from what you’re used to see in the blog. However, I thought it might be a good idea to share with you some websites that I’ve found about photography. I’m not a professional photographer or anything like it, so there are probably better options around the web (please include them in your the comments so that we can all explore them), but these are ones I somehow found useful: . O post de hoje é diferente do que é habitual no blog. No entanto, eu achei que poderia ser …

I've been following this blog for a little bit and I love what she posted. I had to reblog, after asking if it was alright. ;-)
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